Buying a home is one of the biggest financial decisions in your life. Lez Gomez can help you make it one of the wisest ones by helping you create a Mortgage Solutions in Whitby for you. There are many factors that can make a simple mortgage a mega problem for you in the future.

Lez Gomez and his team of mortgage brokers offer easy mortgage solutions for your Scarborough home purchases. There are many people who are first time home buyers. With the influx of information, many people get confused and just end up going to big lenders. Big lenders employees are just filling out boxes on an application. I offer personalized mortgage services. I sit down with my clients, talk and explore their financial standings and goals of their life.

I offer best and personalized mortgage services to all my Pickering and Ajax clients. There are many mortgage deals available on the market. How to make sense of them all? I offer my experienced mortgage services to get you ahead in your mortgage shopping.

What to Expect with our Mortgage services:

We offer complete mortgage services to all our clients; from rate shopping to hammering out the fine print and details of your contract. Many times people gloss over the details just to get the “better” rate. Those better rates have cost them a lot more in the long run. A mortgage is not all about the rate. There are small details such as clauses for lump-sum payments, amortization duration and other fees charged by lenders. I explain various mortgage solutions to my clients and expertly recommend the best match as per their lifestyle and financial standing.

Many newcomers are blatantly denied mortgage by big lenders since they have no credit history. I know you are a responsible saver and spender. My specialized tailored mortgage services for newcomers to Scarborough, Pickering, and Ajax has helped many people get a mortgage for their perfect homes. I have advised them and negotiated on their behalf to get them an excellent mortgage rate and contract.

I offer mortgage services to people with special financial circumstances. If you are looking for extra cash for a down payment to buy another property, to pay for tax liens or for any other unseen expenditures I can help you get approval for 2nd mortgage on excellent terms.

I can get you a second mortgage with no payments for 12 months or interest-only private second mortgage for the first 12 months of your lending period(qualification to program necessary). I offer mortgage services to people who have no “regular” pattern of income, have damaged credit or are self-employed.

I offer mortgage to buy commercial properties. I have experience in conducting commercial transactions with various lenders and regions of Ontario. I know all the legal and paperwork needed to complete a successful commercial transaction. You can be assured that you will get the best mortgage terms suited to your business and personal needs.

Why is our Mortgage Service Better than others?

Following are some of the features which make us better than any other mortgage broker in the Ajax, Scarborough, and Pickering;

No administrative and handling fees
Minimal legal fees
Offer complete open terms on various mortgage products
Mortgage offered and approved to people with different financial history
Assistance to help you repair your credit by offering debt consolidation and other mortgage products.
We offer special services to purchase commercial properties.
Lez Gomez has been helping people get the Mortgage Solutions for the past 15 years. Contact him today with all your financial questions and concerns regarding any mortgage product. He will help you get the best mortgage rate and term for your next transaction. Make a wise choice and call Lez Gomez today

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