Mortgage brokers are gaining popularity among modern home buyers and owners in Oshawa. Many homeowners have enjoyed many benefits of working with a mortgage broker. Lez Gomez and his team of excellent mortgage brokers in Oshawa have helped many homeowners enjoy better terms and mortgage rates in Oshawa.

Now you can enjoy access to a variety of mortgage and home equity products offered by mortgage brokers in Oshawa. Below are the top 7 reasons to use a mortgage broker for your convenience and comfort:

1. Unbiased advice for homeowners: Mortgage brokers are working for you. They are not hired by any big bank or lending organization. We are employed by you to get the best rate and term. With Lez Gomez, you have special access to a private pool of lenders which makes mortgage possible for many people including people with no or damaged credit histories. We get to know you and your financial circumstances. Then we explore all available options and get you the best mortgage term and rates in the market. There is no pressure from us to accept the deal you work with us on your terms.

2. Smart choice: As the saying goes don’t work hard rather work smart. We are the smart choice! Many people and homeowners have a very busy schedule and personal lives. This makes it difficult for them to shop around for different mortgage offers. At Lez Gomez, we do complete mortgage shopping for you. We have been in the mortgage business for over 15 years. And have established a name and reputation in the industry for ourselves. Our clients enjoy complete access to information about all the options available for them in the market. You focus on finding the perfect home; we do all the financial work for you.

3. Fast approval process: Mortgage brokers are not bogged down with bank regulations. We work with our clients at their pace. If you are looking for fast approval we work with you to get your mortgage approval fast and with the least amount of paperwork. We get it done fast and quickly. To check how you can get fast approval for a mortgage product in Oshawa, call us today.

4. Everything is for FREE to you: Mortgage brokers do not cost you anything. We are paid when you accept their mortgage product. You save time and money by hiring a professional mortgage broker. At Lez Gomez, we never charge our clients for any mortgage offers. We offer our expertise and professional mortgage brokers services to all homeowners and buyers in Oshawa for free!

5. EVERYONE is approved*: Mortgage brokers are not tied to any one bank or lending organization. They are able to explore options for their clients with a large number of lenders. Therefore People with less than standard, damaged or zero credits are also approved for a mortgage. At Lez Gomez, our mortgage brokers have helped many new immigrants successfully buy their first homes in Oshawa, Ontario. We have helped many people get approved for various home equity loans, first, second and in some cases even a third mortgage. We have helped many people in financial difficulties approved for a loan. Our clients have been able to improve their credit scores and repair their credit histories due to our financial help and mortgage products. If you are looking for a mortgage product in Oshawa, contact Lez Gomez for more information.

6. Best rates in the industry: Mortgage brokers negotiate with multiple lenders at one time for their clients. Therefore, lenders compete with each other by offering better rates to mortgage brokers. Clients of Lez Gomez have enjoyed better mortgage rates than their traditional counterparts for the past 15 years. To find out how you can enjoy a better rate and save money, call us today.

7. Enjoy access to special add-ons, credits and deals: all lenders in the industry know mortgage brokers are not tied to any one institution. To get their business, lenders offer specific incentives to them. These benefits are then shared with their clients. Mortgage brokers also explore various reward points and loyalty programs to see you if you are matched with it or not. If they are applicable to your, they also share this insider info so you can enjoy double rewards and benefits along with your regular mortgage.

Lez Gomez and his team of mortgage brokers have been in the business for the past 15 years. We have been offering excellent mortgage products for Oshawa homeowners. If you are looking for a new mortgage solution tailored to your needs, call us today.

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