There are many houses listed for sale in Ajax, Whitby area. Homebuyers are always looking out for the best value for their hard-earned money. Lez Gomez and team of dedicated mortgage agents in Whitby and Ajax has helped secure a mortgage at a great rate for many people.

Why Choose a Mortgage Agent Over a Bank?

In Canada, there are 5 big banks. Many Canadians instinctually head over to these banks for their big lending needs. CMHC introduced new legislation applicable to all new applications. These new rules also created more hurdles for people with different circumstances and varied income sources.

When buyers go to the big names lenders, their employees are just filling up the lines on your application form. They do not know about your story. They do not care how you struggled to become a Canadian. At Lez Gomez, we understand that even though everyone is different all of us want to become a homeowner one day! Our mortgage agents in Ajax and Whitby are trained to treat all our clients with care and respect. We listen to your story and get to know you. We have helped and guided many new Canadians to buy their first residence and investment properties in Canada. Many new immigrants come here with their hard-earned money saved so they can buy a home. These homes are a sign of their commitment to becoming a productive member of society.

With the ever-increasing prices and added legislation has made it harder for Canadians to own a home. Lez Gomez and his team of mortgage agents are licensed and experienced to provide the best mortgage rates to anyone who walks in through their doors. Without big charges and fees, we strive to make your home mortgage affordable!

We look at the whole picture of our clients. Many entrepreneurs, new immigrants do not have the traditional strong credit history. We have devised a framework that allows us to help you to attain the dream of homeownership in Canada.

Unlike banks, we do not sell you just a pre-made financial product. Over the course of our operations for the past 2 decades, we have accumulated a large pool of private investors. These investors are willing to lend money for a higher reward. We design a home mortgage solution which is a perfect match for you and your financial situation. We specialize in providing mortgage and loans to people with a variety of circumstances. We are familiar with the technical jargon, conditions and fine prints of the mortgage contract. We help you make sense of it all and negotiate a contract that is supported by your finances and lifestyle.

We are actively helping many Canadians improve their credit ratings and history. We provide mortgages to those people whom banks have refused. We understand life can throw you curve balls and we help you make the best of it. We provide a respectful environment for all clients to come and discuss their dreams and current financial standings. We are in your corner and will negotiate the best deal for you. We will get you the best deal with your current credit standings. If you have damaged credit we can help you improve your credit rating by providing a framework and stability in your financial circumstances.

Lez Gomez and his team of experienced mortgage agents have helped people like you in Ajax, Whitby area to own a home within their financial means. We offer a variety of lending options with various rates and conditions. With our experiences and a large pool of private and large lenders, we have helped many Canadians with non-traditional income sources and down payment sources.

Our ever-increasing satisfied clientele includes many new immigrants, people with zero or damaged credit history and self-employed people. We got them the best rates and mortgage terms which helped them become proud homeowners in Canada.

For all your questions and Pre-approved mortgage call us or visit us anytime!

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