Private Mortgages & Second Mortgages

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If You are a homeowner with an existing mortgage and low-interest rate and you wish to borrow additional funds, however, don’t want to lose a Your low-interest rate or be subject to payout penalties, We can provide You with a Private – Second (2nd) mortgage up to 90% of the appraised value of your home, based on Your home’s equity.

These types of Private Mortgages enable you to consolidate debt, remodel your home, perhaps a down payment on a second property, CRA tax liens or arrears, Mortgage arrears or simply use funds as you wish, please with low payments.

If you qualify, the Lez Gomez Team may be able to provide you with a NO PAYMENT or INTEREST ONLY Private-Second Mortgage for the first Twelve (12), regardless of Your credit.

Benefits of working with The Lez Gomez Mortgage Team

No Appraisal Required (save $, time – conditions apply)

No Income

Bankruptcy and/ or Consumer Proposal Welcome

Nominal Lawyer/ Legal Fees

NO Administration and/ or Handling Fee’s

Re-established Your Credit & Credit Score

Commercial Properties

No Credit check

Offering fully open terms

ALL Types of Credits Welcome

2-year Terms Available – to Match Your First mortgage Renewal Terms