What Is a Refinance Mortgage in Whitby?

A mortgage refinance is when you pay off your current mortgage and replace it with a new mortgage. This new mortgage may have a higher mortgage balance in order to borrow more money, or it may have a different interest rate, term, or mortgage type. How a mortgage refinances works is that it allows you to replace your old mortgage, and it’s needed if you want to change certain specifics of your mortgage can also be taken even if you have a bad credit.

Advantage of refinance mortgage ?

here are some advantage of refinance mortgage in Ottawa, Toronto, York, Durham, Whitby,

  • a lower interest rate (APR)
  • a lower monthly payment
  • a shorter payoff term
  • the ability to cash out your equity for other uses
  • improve credit score
  • consolidation of debts
  • better option for quick cash

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