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Lez Gomez
Mortgage Architects #12728 - Agent License # m09000187

Are you looking for a great mortgage, fantastic rates, and the best service? Lez Gomez can provide all that and more!

The Total Package:

Getting the right mortgage solution to fit your needs is not an easy task, so you should put your trust in the hands of an expert. Don’t waste time with a branch broker, who either has little experience in underwriting mortgages or who will simply send your application for processing, hoping it fits the bank guidelines; your bank is not equipped to address the intricacies of your financial situation—Lez Gomez is!

Self-employed and haven’t filed taxes in the last two years? Approved!

Have a gifted down payment? Approved!

Credit a bit shaky? Approved!

New job? No credit? New to the country? Lez can handle all that too—Approved!

Custom Solutions:

Exploring financial options can often be overwhelming and can sometimes leave you with more questions than answers. Not with Lez! With Lez, you will get a customized mortgage solution based on your needs. No cookie cutter solutions! Lez will sit down with you personally to find out what your short and long-term goals are so he can create the best solution for you. To Lez Gomez, it’s not just about low rates; it’s also about building strong, long-standing relationships with his clients. Whether you are a first time buyer, a seasoned investor or someone anywhere in between, Lez will create a custom plan just for you.

Experience Matters:

Lez has over 15 years of successful lending and underwriting experience, and with over 1000’s deals successfully financed, he promises to have a solution that will fit your personal situation. Lez’s extensive experience in the field enables him to identify how and where to position your mortgage within minutes of your conversation with him. Lez Gomez works with many lenders, meaning funding is available from a variety of sources, Banks, Private funds, commercial, second mortgages, land financing, debt consolidation are all possible, You own a property it has equity Lez Gomez will get you the money! Take your financing options to the next level. Choose Lez Gomez! “get your mortgage for little Lez”