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Lez Gomez is a well-qualified mortgage agent with over 15 years of lending experience. Lez and his team are passionate about helping clients and building long-term relationships and believe that every client is unique and should be dealt with diligently. One of the most important steps in buying a home is your mortgage, and with Lez and his team, we are here to make sure everything is covered so you can focus on your move.

Lez is proud to serve His clients with unparalleled customer service. Lez wants to ensure every one of his clients gets a customized solution that meets their need & of course the lowest mortgage rates. Lez’s mandate is to provide detailed information to his clients so they can make clear, precise & conscience decisions. Below are a few examples of what Lez’s clients think of him & how they have become advocates for Lez Gomez!

Happy Clients Say Lez is Amazing!