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Mortgage renewals are available if you are not ready to pay off your mortgage at the end of a mortgage term.

Stay Informed about Your Mortgage: Understanding Renewal Timelines

While your mortgage lender typically provides a 60-day notice before the end of your term date, staying proactive about your mortgage term is crucial. It’s essential to keep track of your mortgage timeline to determine if a renewal will be necessary.

At Lez Gomez, we recognize the importance of being informed about your mortgage details. While lenders aim to provide ample notice, we encourage our clients to actively monitor their mortgage terms to ensure a seamless transition and avoid any potential gaps in coverage.

Understanding when your mortgage term is set to conclude empowers you to plan ahead and explore the best options for renewal. Whether you’re considering refinancing, negotiating a new rate, or exploring alternative mortgage terms, being proactive ensures that you make well-informed decisions about the financial aspects of your home.

Our team at Lez Gomez is here to support you throughout your mortgage journey. Stay ahead of the curve by actively tracking your mortgage timeline, and let us assist you in navigating the renewal process with confidence and clarity.

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